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Why INEX Investment?

During our long time working in the real estate market, we have realized that most of our clients do not want just an apartment or a house in Northern Cyprus. Generally, people want to support themselves at all stages of their real estate purchase and be assured of a solution to all their needs and problems.

We are an experienced team with a friendly multinational staff, ready to provide a complete professional service in your preferred language. With us, you will not have a language barrier. Our office and staff are located and live in North Cyprus, so we provide up-to-date visa and legal information.

INEX Investment is an official real estate agency, which is a member of the North Cyprus Association of Realtors. All our clients’ transactions are insured for €200.000 as we pay annual insurance premiums. You can choose safety when you work with us because all deals of our company are legal.

All properties offered to our buyers are checked beforehand by our company lawyers. We do not work with items that have not received a building permit or build on encumbered land.

We work in the real estate and investment market for over 11 years, and we have extensive experience and can easily analyze the pros and cons of a particular proposal or project. And most importantly – we guide our clients not only up to the moment of the transaction but are always ready to provide you with a wide list of after-sales services and full information support. Thanks to our competence and responsibility, we are recommended to our friends and acquaintances. Our buyers have been investing with us for years.

Unlike most agencies on the island, we provide custom land and building services because we thoroughly understand the process and have been doing it for months.

We work in all regions and have an extensive database of secondary real estate and private development. We are ready to find you a property in your area or show you the whole of North Cyprus. For well-known objects, we are ready to offer special prices and installment plan conditions.

Buying with us is not only safe but profitable!

Information and Certificates

Every year at our request, our company’s work is thoroughly checked by a certification committee.

Our company is the first and only real estate agency in Northern Cyprus, whose high standards of work are confirmed by the international quality certificate ISO 9001:2015

Huge variety of residential and commercial real estate in North Cyprus

  • Comfortable and cozy apartments and offices with sea views
  • Two-, three-story villas and cottages with large swimming pools and lush exotic gardens in the high-tech, minimalistic, loft and other styles
  • Furnished elite real estate in Northern Cyprus for permanent or temporary residence
  • Luxury penthouses and comfortable villas next to golf courses and equestrian parks



Property For Sale

If you’re looking for a secluded corner of Europe, suitable for a comfortable stay, or are looking for ways to profitably invest your own money, we offer to buy real estate in Northern Cyprus.

Compared with villas and cottages, located in neighboring countries, it pleasantly strikes its affordable cost.


Customer Service

If you have chosen Northern Cyprus, the property here is considered a promising prospect in terms of buying.

If you decide in the future to change your residence, you can quickly resell your Cyprus home for a profit.

Such objects are attractive in the market and are in high demand among buyers who appreciate peace, quiet, and comfort.


Residence Permit

Getting a residence permit for Northern Cyprus is enough simply to buy a property.

And the cost of the object does not matter!

This document allows you to live in North Cyprus without any restrictions.

The term of registration of a residence permit with INEX is 21 days.