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Is it safe to buy property in Northern Cyprus?

All controversial issues related to the purchase of real estate in Cyprus are related to land issues.
In 2010, with the support of the UN and the European Court of Human Rights, the TRNC Land Commission was created.
This commission is empowered to consider land issues of Greek and Turkish Cypriots, carry out land exchanges, calculate and pay compensation.
Together with the Land Commission, the TRNC government has established a process for transferring property ownership.
Land documents have been brought into a unified format, all transactions are protected by the TRNC government and supported by international law through the Land Commission.
Land has been divided into different types of titles based on their origin and type of ownership.
There are several types of property ownership (titles) in Northern Cyprus, but the safest for foreigners to purchase are Turkish and exchange titles.
Our company offers properties with these titles.